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DO NOT contact the LISTING Brokerage Agent.

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Not working with your own agent will only hurt you.

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  • Qualicum Beach REALTOR®
  • Published: Feb 8th, 2020 at 9:21 am

The first comment from mom, "I do not want to bother my agent everytime I see something, as they are busy and I will not waste their time."

Mom would not accept that when she randomly checked out properties without her agent, there was no way the agent could narrow down her needs and help her focus on properties that would check all her boxes.  Of course mom did not know what she wanted, as she really did not feel ready to leave her home and yard.  Every property she viewed came up short on expectations.  Comments flowed from her mouth like, "The rooms are too small",  "There is no water view",  "How do I haul my groceries from the underground parking, I will have to make many trips", "I think the price is too much', and classic, "I do not like that agent".

The listing brokerage agent is bound by law to protect their client, which essentially means they can only divulge facts about a certain property, and in some cases, it isn't in their clients best interest, to divulge the flaws.

The agent does not know you, or understand your needs, so they can not help point out specific benefits and drawbacks that will influence your decision making process. 

A listing brokerage agent(LBA) legally can not represent your interests if you decide to place an offer, as they are legally bound to their first client.

Even though the seller pays the full commission for both agents, the buyer is not able to influence  how payment is shared, and can not influence any benefit from reducing the total commission.  An independent buyer's brokerage agent's(BBA) duty to the buyer is to negotiate in your best interest, and willingly do so, because a successful sale not only is their paycheck, but establishing a bond has potential value.

There is no upside to contacting the LBA. In fact one should tread lightly, as you may divulge, inappropriately and not in your best interest, personal facts that will influence  the final contract.  It is important to pay a fair price for a property, to establish pertinent timelines to the benefit of both parties and if some roadblocks pop up in the process, you need someone to get your back.

This also applies at Open Houses.  Often with the new BC regulations, Open Houses are not attended by the Listing Brokerage Agent, but by another agent from the same office.  It is fine to attend Open Houses without concerning or contacting your agent, however you should keep in mind the downside of discussion and interaction with the representitive.  A good representative should be willing to explain their postion, and your consequences of interaction at an Open House when you arrive. Open Houses can be a good way to shop for features, benefits and considerations, if it helps you in the decision making process. 

Build and strenghten your relationship with someone who can and will help you. Remember too, an agent is connected to other professionals and though they may not specifically recommend, most will provide a 'short list. It is a topic for another blog, but professionals may include septic and building inspections, WETT certification, BCSA silver label program, oil tank and insurance requirements, Notaries or Lawyers, etc.

My mom finally quit shopping and engaged me to find an appropriate place, not in North Vancouver, but here on Vancouver Island.  It ended well and we have strengthened our relationship.

Disclaimer: I am not sharing legal advice. Contact your local brokerage agent for specific information.

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