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Reduce the Stress, Hire the Best. (March /2021)

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A REALTOR can be a Necessary Tool in Today's Market

  • Photograph of Nancy Smith
  • Qualicum Beach REALTOR®
  • Published: Mar 26th, 2021 at 8:31 pm

March 26 /2021 is a wonderful site for casual reference. However, if you are seriously considering selling or buying a home, connectiing with a Realtor early in your process is to your best advantage.

There are three most common scenarios; sell and then buy in the same area, new to the area to buy, or moving away from the area and needing to sell your home.

2020 is an extreme example of the choas that can ensue in the real estate market. At the beginning of the pandemic, people were told to stay home, unless they had no choice, so listings and sales immediately dropped. Around the end of August, real estate began flying off the shelf and continues. REALTORS® are having a difficult time to price homes for sellers and the buyer's Realtors® just can not find price comparables, which is not very helpful in a multiple-offer situation. It is very important to employ all the knowledge as a Realtor®, to help the client land a desirable home.

In the greater Qualicum Beach area, homes selling above $1 million was decently rare previous to 2020, but just in the last month, many homes sold for multiple millions.

What can a Realtor® do that the casual shopper can not do on They can assemble similar properties, with location and features that would be similar to what you require, and they can educate the client to take appropriate steps. For example, deposits often ranged in the $1,000 to $20,000 range before 2020, but with competitive cash offers, with no subject clauses, often the largest deposit can influence a seller's decision. If a buyer is educated on the range of prices for their desired needs, when a new listing appears, the buyer can make quick and knowledgeable decisions.

Not many homeowners buy and sell real estate, so new regulations, requirements, paperwork, and of course taxes and fees are often a surprise. Home Inspection businesses are relatively new, but over the past twenty years, standards have been implemented and it is common to hire a professional set of eyes to warn buyers (and sellers) of impending repairs and maintenance. Wells, septic systems, gas and fireplace inspections are also common, as new regulations have made servicing a significant cost. There are other legal restrictions and requirements for owning a property, or if an anticipated renovation, addition or new build is being considered, one should have access to this information before signing a contract, especially if budget is a high priority. is a great starting point to familiarize oneself, but often, especially in the current market, the status of the property can change in hours. Your Realtor® is often informed before critical information goes public.

Work with a Realtor®, so a Realtor® can work for you.

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