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Reduce the Stress.

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  • Published: Jan 3rd, 2020 at 6:51 pm

January 02, 2020

It happens every day, people want to buy a new home because needs change. Often their current home must be sold.

Do you Sell first, then Buy?

Do you Buy first, then Sell?

For a friend, yesterday was a stressful day, as someone involked a 'time clause' on property they wrote an offer to purchase. Their agent had followed a standard set of rules guarding the client's interests. These people felt cheated out of their offer to purchase, and feeling anxious, they also pulled their home off the market.

As if readying your home for showings is not stressful enough, stress builds while sitting on edge, waiting for the real estate agent to phone. The agent might want to set up an appointment for a showing, or the agent wants to show you a new listing. Imagine the stress, if you had to do this work yourself?

Stress is greatly reduced when financing is not an issue, when one is not carrying a mortgage and will not need to qualify for new financing. When one needs to qualify for a new mortgage, stress mounts. No one wishes to own two homes, carry two mortgages, deal with insurance, interim financing, not to mention handling the prospect of moving, shifting accounts, and juggling issues of everyday life.
Hiring a real estate agent is often the way most people reduce their relocation stress. 

People do not buy homes frequently enough to keep up with new rules, inspections, financing, hiring legal professionals, and many people have difficulty visualizing how life will look in an entirely new setting.  Where are the schools, shopping, the hospital, transportation routes, recreation centers, and conveniences necessary for settling down?

A real estate agent can assist you in laying a path to success, thus reducing your blood pressure and stress.

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