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NANCY SMITH is Equipped to Help Through Pictures and Video

Real estate sale photos: both my wife of ten years and I pay attention to real estate, home decor, renovations, etc. One of our big frustrations are the photos(let's not mention video at this time) posted by REALTORS. Some seem to do their own, others hire 'professionals'. Probably one in 20 listing have what we consider decent photos. Sadly, it seems many agents get their proofs from their photographer and post all 55 of them, others show neat features like bowls of fruit, or vases of flowers, or focus twenty pictures of 'a feature'. We bought a retired Realtor's website full of great content, converted it for our use and promote mostly other broker listings. It is my job to populate the listing with facts and pictures. It is apparent to me, shoppers really do not need to wade through 55 photos to get a sense of the property, so I limit our listing to about 10 pictures, unless the home is loaded with awesome features. I feel buyers need to get a sense of the property, so I pick out what I consider the important focal points and the important amenities. Generally I will get a shot of the front and rear, the entrance, and one best picture of the kitchen and living space including bathrooms and the master bedroom. To me, no one really needs to see pictures of the laundry room, rooms that look like boxes, and unkept rooms and spaces. Sadly, there has been no way to measure the results of my work, as we have acquired and built the site since December 2019, and now this pandemic has shut down activity. I am not a 'photographer', but for my wife's listings, I sometimes take pictures and videos, but often she hires a person who produces nice photos and drone images. (we don't have a drone.) When I view the photographers photos and mine, they are often very similar, so I get satisfaction from that. I have no technical training, I just get a feel for the angle and lighting that works, though every shot is done with a Sumsung Android phone camera with room and natural light.

On occasion, when my wife has a client interested in another broker listing, we get permission and take photos and video to show her out-of-town client. This will be handy now that COVID-19 is restricting showings.

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