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10 Points To Consider When Selling Your Home

Sell the Smart Way

It's easy to improve your home-selling chances!

Once your property is listed with Nancy, together, we will want your home to look its best in order that you obtain the highest value possible in today's market.

Also see the 10 Tips for an Open House or Showing for valuable advice to use in presenting your home to potential buyers and/or other realtors.

You would be amazed at how easy it is to improve your home-selling chances. Below, we have provided a quick check-list to selling success!

10 Points To Consider When Selling Your Home With Nancy

  1. If possible, sell before buying - you're in a much stronger position to negotiate. Discuss your financial options and if necessary consider pre-approved financing.
  2. A coat of paint does wonders, but don't go overboard with renovations just before selling as you may not recoup the money you spend. Buyers often prefer to personalize the home with new flooring, paint color and some fixtures.
  3. When selecting a paint color just before selling, wherever possible choose something neutral. Wallpaper is often a personal choice, designed to fit with your furniture, but often deters buyers. Do not paint over wallpaper.
  4. Create a warm friendly atmosphere with fresh flowers and lots of light - for day showings open the drapes and for night showings switch on all inside and outside lights. Some homes show extremely well in evening pictures, with all the lights on.
  5. Repair any roof leaks or damp patches -- these two things make buyers very nervous. Mold is a health concern in our coastal environment.  Have your attic inspected for any potential ventilation/mould issues.  It is  better to have these issues addressed before a buyer's building inspection.
  6. Tell the REALTOR® exactly what is staying and what is not (i.e. fixed shelves and mirrors). Many buyer's might love some of your possessions, but often it is better to negotiate after subject clauses are removed from an offer.
  7. Make sure that your home is properly priced, so that it may compete to its best advantage in the market place.  As your REALTOR, researching an applicable price range involves plugging numbers into many formulas.  Past sales in your area, comparing to homes with similar features and looking at inflation, HPI (Home Price Index), and desirability factors are only some of the work I do.
  8. Keep your home uncluttered - please put personal and unnecessary items away in boxes for the duration of the marketing of your home. Pre-packing  will save angst when deadlines loom.
  9. Keep lawns trimmed and garden neat. RV, boats and portable sheds can add perceived value to certain homes, but also decrease yard and parking space, as well as obscuring some of your home's best features.
  10. Trust NANCY SMITH as your REALTOR®, to get top dollar for your home, the best terms, and least inconvenience to you. Nancy will find answers to all your questions.

NANCy SMITH   RE/MAX Anchor Realty, where service gets results.

Nancy Smith relaxing in front of a lake picture.

  Work with a Realtor®, so a Realtor® can work for you.

***  BUYERS  ***

Below, I have outlined the buying process steps. I can offer you an enjoyable, informative, no pressure buying experience and introduction to the area.

1 Set-up Initial Meeting Appointment

To set-up a meeting to review suitable property listings, Phone or TEXT me at (250) 667-0719. Or, if you prefer, use the Quick Contact form below to let me know that you would like to take a closer look at properties in the area.

Request an Area Tour

Contact me to arrange meeting:

2 Review of Candidate Listings

Before our first discovery meeting, I will sit down  at the RE/MAX Anchor Realty office computer and carefully go over listings that may suit your needs and produce a list of homes you may want to tour in-person. If you’re coming to the area from out-of-town, I may be able to provide information and suggestions for transportation and accomodation, .

3 Booking of Home Tours

I will book appointments and make any other preparations necessary for us to visit each of your selected listings for an in-person home tour. We try to limit the number of homes to visit each day, as the information, transportation and inspections can be overwhelming,  and time consuming. This process becomes easier once your requirements become clear.

4 In-person Home Tours

Next, we’ll visit each of your selected listings for an in-person tour. This may take 1 to 3 days to see all the homes you want to. A maximum of about 4-6 homes per day is advisable (more than that and things can get a bit overwhelming). We want you to enjoy your visit as it is important for you to have time to get out and look around at what will be your new home area. It is very important to observe each neighborhood, as amenities, features and location can be significantly different.

5 Narrow Down the List, to the Best Property

As we look at each home, we ask that you rate each property on a scale of 1 to 4 (1 being best). We drop the 3s and 4s and go back a second or third time to look at the first and second choices, eventually narrowing down the options to select the property that best suits your requirements.

6 After Making a Successful Offer

Once we have successfully negotiated an offer on the home, I will:
  • Supply a list of reputable home inspectors
  • Obtain all charges on title from the BC Land Titles office if necessary
  • If applicable, obtain all strata documents for the past 2 years from Strata Management
  • Obtain a Plot Plan or legal Site Survey from the vendor’s Realtor
  • Obtain the Property Disclosure Statement document from the vendor’s Realtor
  • Provide a list of lenders and help make arrangements to meet Mortgage Financial advisors
  • Suggest a real estate Lawyer or Notary Public to review documents if required
  • Facilitate conversations and/or meetings with inspectors, builders or contractors if required
Also, I will carefully go over all documents with you and endeavour to obtain answers to all questions and get you headed in the right direction.
Working as a team, we can negotiate the path to your new property.

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