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Nancy’s Real Estate Market Update

Coffee Chatter - Money Laundering and BC's Real Estate.

Do we need more Levels of Government, or Efficiency of Existing Agencies.

Real Estate agents are required to fill out FINTRAC forms to monitor potential money laundering problems.

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Mortgage Stress Test

A Few Mortgage Conditions.

Press Release today: Today, Minister of Finance, Bill Morneau, announced changes to the benchmark rate used to determine the minimum qualifying rate for insured mortgages, also known as the “stress test.” These changes will come into effect on April 6, 2020. The new benchmark rate will be the weekly median 5-year fixed insured mortgage rate from mortgage insurance applications, plus 2%. A few quick mortgage facts:

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Foreclosure Opportunity

Quality Buys are Available if You Have Patience.

There are benefits and drawbacks to buying foreclosure properties, however the rewards can be well worth it.

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The Value of Money: Buying Real Estate

If There Were No Mortgages, Real Estate Prices Would Drop.

What makes homes and property affordable? What does affordable mean?

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Affordable Homes

It is getting impossible to buy a home, what do I do?

Buying a home requires resources, so it is best to get your 'ducks in a row' first.

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DO NOT contact the LISTING Brokerage Agent.

Not working with your own agent will only hurt you.

My mother was contemplating a move from her matrimonial home, and her sister was there to help her find a new home. Ignoring my advice, they went shopping, consistently contacting listing brokerage agents for information and viewings.

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Condo Insurance is a Crisis for Some.

Is this a result of BC's inability to control forest fires?

Condo strata insurance is facing major headwinds and potentially could weaken the Condo market.

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SOLD - over 5 acres of beautiful homestead land, room to grow a family.

NANCY SMITH loves living in Qualicum Beach.

No, we are not encouraging people to move to our sweet town, but as an enthusiastic resident who vacationed here as a child and moved here in 2014, I can not imagine living anywhere else.

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Investing in Real Estate is Smart.


Predicting how human lifestyles will change is difficult, but history has proven a continual increase in world population to the tune of 7.5 billion, with two deaths and four births every second. As population continues to grow, real estate continues to be a challenging market because we are confined to existing land mass.

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NANCY SMITH addresses the current confusion Market Prices / Assessments.

Vancouver Island Prices are Trending Up

Confusion reigns when Property Assessment values have declined, but according to the Vancouver Island Real Estate Board(VIREB), property prices have INCREASED in 2019!

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Reduce the Stress.


A real estate agent can reduce client stress and smooth the transaction process.

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Hire an Expert when Making Large Property Purchases.

Invest Wisely

I suggest when considering large purchases like property, you should hire a local expert, because they live here, and they have their neighbor's interest at heart.

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Current Assessed Values are Confusing the Buyers.

Local Market Prices can exceed Assessment.

Greater Vancouver is adjusting to market shocks caused by federal mortgage rules and provincial tax policies. Vancouver Island however is enjoying a sustained vibrant market hampered by the lack of quality listings. Qualicum Beach is somewhat untouched by development projects that has expanded the housing base in Parksville. Market pricing in Qualicum Beach can exceed Assessments by as much as $100,000.

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Thank you Tom Whitfield

Retirement Announcement

My team and I wish Tom Whitfield a very happy retirement. Thank you from Nancy Smith.

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Every day is beach day in Qualicum Beach but each summer in July there is also a day of special events to celebrate the beauty of our beach! Spend the afternoon on the Qualicum Beach waterfront having fun enjoying the ocean, sun, activities & food!

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Local Vegetation is Adapting to Climate Change

Western Red Cedar, Arbutus and now Salal are being affected

Climate change - Now Salal appears to be dying back too along with other tree species in the Qualicum Beach Parksville Nanoose Bay area, as we head into likely our 5th year of summer drought

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Real Estate Market Has Levelled Out

December 15, 2018 - Qualicum Beach, BC

The real estate market in the Qualicum Beach Parksville Nanoose Bay Fairwinds Bowser Deep Bay area has levelled out and shifted towards a more balanced market over the summer and into the fall. In November, about 20% of listings sold in 1 week with about 50% selling in under 1 month. This is slower than it has been. We see a great gray wave of Boomers (more like a gray tsunami...) retiring to the region. At RE/MAX Anchor and RE/MAX First, our full-time REALTORS have the highest number of sales per REALTOR when compared to our local competition. Outstanding Agents...Outstanding Results.

Balanced Conditions Prevail in BC Real Estate Housing Market.

Fri, Nov 16th, 2018 - Qualicum Beach, BC

The British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) reports that residential unit sales across the province were down by 26.2% compared to the same month last year. The average residential price in BC was down 4.1% from October 2017. Total sales volume showed a decline of 29.3% from October 2017. The BC housing market continues to grapple with tougher mortgage qualifications in October. However, more modest consumer demand has led to a much-needed increase in the supply of homes for sale, said Cameron Muir, BCREA Chief Economist (November 12, 2018).

Balanced Real Estate Market has Emerged

Better Market for Buyers

The Qualicum Beach Parksville Nanoose Bay Fairwinds & Area real estate market shifted towards a more balanced market over the summer and now into the fall of 2018. Local home sales continue at a slower pace compared to last year. This bodes well for buyers. Contact Nancy to find out more.

Continuing Trend Towards a Balanced Real Estate Market

Less Upward Pressure on Prices

The Qualicum Beach Parksville Nanoose Bay Fairwinds & Area real estate market has seen a shift towards a more balanced condition over the July, June & May period. The number of single family home sales has dropped by 30% with sales dollars down by 18% compared to the same period last year. The number of listings of single family homes is up by 35% compared to last year while the number of listings among all types of properties is up by 23%. It appears as though we may have begun a trend towards more balance between supply and demand, causing less upward pressure on prices.



In May, the overall number of listings was up by about 20% over May of last year. It appears as though we may have begun a trend towards more balance between supply and demand, causing less upward pressure on prices. It's important to price your property competitively given the shifting dynamics in the real estate market.

Trees are Adapting to Climate Change

Arbutus & Cedar are being affected

Forests are in the process of re-organizing themselves to a new set of conditions. See the link to today's PQB newspaper story Trees are Adapting to Climate Change.

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Come Walk the Heritage Forest Trails

Forest Bathing - sooth your soul

Walk the Heritage Forest trails in Qualicum Beach and take a break from real estate. See the link to today's PQB newspaper story Heritage Forest Trails.

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Timing is Everything

Local Real Estate Market is Sizzling Hot

Qualicum Beach Parksville real estate is being taken up quickly by Lower Mainland buyers who have arrived, en masse.

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Munchkin Preschool Treeplant Heritage Forest

Thu, Nov 26th, 2015 - Qualicum Beach, BC

Pre-school Munchkins recently planted trees in the Heritage Forest. Shown here are Nancy Smith of the Brown Property Preservation Society with Munchkins Finnley and Zachary Doerksen, and their mom Evelyne. The Brown Property Preservation Society, with me as President, invited them to plant a few trees. This was the very first day of the Preschool Munchkins going out into the community to explore nature. So I thought it would be great to have them plant a few tree seedlings.

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Kitchen Reno Upgrades

Seven ways to show off champagne taste even on a Baby Duck budget.

Conjuring a luxury kitchen takes ingenuity when the finances just don’t measure up. But spotlighting a few areas can really boost an uninspiring kitchen. House Beautiful has these tips.

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Kids standing on a 5 foot Douglas-fir stump in the Heritage Forest, Qualicum Beach

Fri, Apr 10th, 2015 - Qualicum Beach, BC

Kids standing on a 5 foot Douglas-fir stump in the Heritage Forest, Qualicum Beach. Nancy has asked the kids to create a 500 year old historic timeline which will be displayed on the large slabs cut from this stump in the Heritage Forest. It will eventually be on display at the kiosk in the Forest.

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Kids at the Kiosk in the Heritage Forest, Qualicum Beach

Fri, Apr 10th, 2015 - Qualicum Beach, BC

Nancy explaining to the kids who are going to do a 500 year-old timeline project for the Heritage Forest in Qualicum Beach.

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Cutting Invasive Ivy from the Heritage Forest

Brown Property Preservation Society Volunteers

Nice break from selling real estate in Qualicum Beach while doing some good work with cheerful volunteers in the Heritage Forest.

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Qualicum Beach at Low Tide Today May 30, 2014

Qualicum's Beach Today

Another great day to sell real estate here in beautiful Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island, BC.

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Today's Buyers in the Qualicum Beach Parksville Real Estate Market

Buyers Making Decisions Carefully

Today's Baby Boomer real estate buyers take their time and make decisions carefully. They will peruse their options, seek out the best value and do their research. They are not an easy sell. For them, it is about settling in for retirement. For many, it is about down-sizing. Although Boomers still want space, luxury with quality finishing, good decks and/or patios for outdoor relaxation and entertaining plus always...a great kitchen!

Changes at the US Border Coming

Can/US Customs About to Record Entry & Exit

Snowbird Alert

Dream with Your Eyes Wide Open

Watch this new RE/MAX real estate video.

Watch this new RE/MAX real estate video called Dream with Your Eyes Open, just launched at our Vegas convention and for nationwide distribution. Dream with Your Eyes Wide Open

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Three Stonecutters

Here's a parable about Life for January 1, 2014

Here's a parable about Life... Three Stonecutters - One day a traveller, walking along a lane, came across 3 stonecutters working in a quarry. Each was busy cutting a block of stone. Interested to find out what they were working on, he asked the first stonecutter what he was doing.

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Get You Going!

This is excellent footage of those who went beyond...- Nov 2013

Watch this with your morning coffee to get you revved up! Get You Started!.

Video Highlighting Use of Across Canada

Great Scenery in this Video - June 2013

This fast-moving video highlights the success of in each province while featuring some gorgeous images from across the country. The scenery is quite good and I thought you might enjoy taking a look. Certainly 2012 was a record-breaking year for use of across Canada.


You Can Do It! - December 15, 2012

VOLUNTEERING - Many people believe they don't have the time to get personally involved or that they have nothing to offer. Everyone has something to offer.

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Qualicum Beach - Great Horned Owls in the Heritage Forest

Sun, Jul 8th, 2012 - Qualicum Beach, BC

Some of you may be interested to know that we have had a family of Great Horned owls in the west side of the Heritage Forest here in Qualicum Beach. We have been seeing 1 adult with 2 chicks. Now the chicks are about 1/2 the size of the rather huge adult. There are always several Barred owls in the eastern portion of the Forest but the Great Horned owls are new, at least in recent times. Seems they have their territories worked out. It's worth noting that the rabbit population in the neighbouring residential area has been thinned out significantly. Hey, biological controls! See you in the Forest.

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